Laminate floor offer a cheaper yet realistic alternative to marble, natural stone or hardwood floors. They are easy to clean and are very durable. The prices for laminate flooring replicating either hardwood or granite or marble is approximately the same because the process of manufacture is similar.

This flooring application comes in already cut pieces each having a tongue and groove section. Similar to a large puzzle these pieces are inserted one into the other to provide a uniform, easy to clean surface.

Traditionally laminate floors were installed with glue being applied to the tongue and groove of each plank and once they were installed, it was impossible to separate the planks without damaging them.

Today, we offer a far more reasonable installation where no glue is required. These planks can be separated and reused if necessary.

There are four layers to laminate flooring:

  1. The Balancing layer is the bottom, stabilizing layer, which stabilizes the floor plank and is resistant to moisture.
  1. The Core layer comprises of high-density fiberboard that is saturated in resin to toughen the core and further resist water.
  1. The Pattern layer is a thin paper layer that has been printed with a stone finish or wood grain and gives the laminate a natural looking surface.
  1. The Wear layer is a clear resin layer that protects the plank from stains, moisture, penetration and dings.

Laminate flooring is recommended for residential areas or alternatively it can be used in commercial areas with low traffic flow.